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Our Closing Process

You made an offer on a house and it was accepted.  CONGRATULATIONS!  Now what.....

The place where you live is also one of your most valuable possessions.  But did you know that ownership of your home could be threatened - or taken away from you - even if you’ve paid for the property and received a deed?  When that dream is finally realized, why wouldn’t you take every precaution to protect it?

Most people know about making an offer on a house and they eventually show up at a closing to make it official but what happens in between all of that?​


Pick Assured Settlement Solutions as your title company


Assured Settlement Solutions starts your file by ordering all the searches, taxes, lien letters needed


Closing Day!

 One of Assured Settlement’s qualified closers is there to walk you through the paperwork and answer questions

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Owner’s title insurance is meant to protect your ownership interest in your home.
Subject to the terms of your policy, owner’s title insurance protects you against that
existed prior to the purchase of your home.  Your owner’s title policy offers insurance
protection for as long as you own your home.  To the extent of the matters covered in the
policy, an owner’s title insurance policy will protect you in the event a legal challenge is
made to the ownership of your home.

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As property changes hands, mistakes and irregularities - often made long before you express interest in the property - can place your ownership in dispute. 
The seller may have: 
...Avoided disclosure of using the property as collateral for an unpaid loan.
...Fraudulently claimed to be the sole owner.
...Failed to pay real estate taxes.

Even a simple mistake in the recording of legal documents, improper execution of legal instruments or the reappearance of undisclosed or missing heirs could result in the loss of your home.

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